Denver Broncos Viewpoint Discrimination

My fellow Washingtonians it appears we may not we welcome at the Denver Broncos v. New England Patriots playoff game this coming weekend because of an unconstitutional policy violating free speech rights based upon viewpoint discrimination.

In sports a home field advantage is usually cherished.  The players are then able to play in front of a friendly crowd who supports and cheers them on. Ideally home field advantages are created by the sheer popularity of the home team buying up all the tickets.

The Denver Broncos football team is not taking that chance in their upcoming playoff game against the New England Patriots — even though they have secured a home field advantage through the playoffs, except if they make it to the Superbowl.  The mile high football team is placing geographical restrictions on ticket sales most likely to ensure the home field advantage continues for the Denver Broncos.

Sporting news organizations are reporting the Denver Broncos are only selling tickets to the AFC Conference Championship game to people who are located in a select group of surrounding states.  Even when I tried to look for tickets on Ticketmaster’s website the night of Jan. 20, 2016, I was greeted with the following disclaimer:

“Tickets will only be available to those with a billing address in the Rocky Mountain region including Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota and Western Kansas.  Orders outside the restricted zip codes are subject to cancellation.”

Denver Broncos Tickets
Denver Broncos tickets screen grab from Jan. 20, 2016

This article will argue the ticket ban for individuals who do not have a billing address in one of the surrounding states is an unconstitutional restriction on protected speech — the right to cheer for whatever team you want.

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